Robert is a fourth generation South Carolinian and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree. One of Robert’s major influences was the yearly trip with his family to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. This influence can be seen today in his love for classic realism. The works he creates evolve from day to day interactions, stories his children and wife share with him, and his love of mythical, whimsical characters. “I strive to bring forth, out of the cold clay or metal, the grace, courage and inner strength of the male and female, the tender innocence of the child and the indomitable spirit of God's creatures”.

The relationship between humans and animals can be seen in a number of his works. In each piece, it is very important for him to focus on the smallest of details: from the placement of a hand; strands of hair blowing in the wind; to the eye contact between the subjects. In his view, it helps bring the sculpture to life and completes it.

In conjunction with his sculpting, he shares his knowledge by teaching classes to adults who have inspired to create and mentors to children and young adults.

His studio is located in Parker, Colorado where he currently works and lives.

"Art is the window into the soul of the Community"
-Robert Allison